1. Are you taking on custom orders at this time, and if so, when? 

We are not taking on custom orders at this time for the sheer reason that we don't have the man power to fulfill online orders and take on custom ones at the same time. However, we do occasionally accept small modifications to designs we currently offer. If you're curious about a possible customization, shoot us a message and we'll let you know if it's doable!


2. Do you have plans to offer your goods in retail spaces and/or take on wholesale accounts in the future?

This has been a tough question for us that we get asked often. Simply put, no. Until we expand our team to the point that we can move out of the made to order realm into keeping up inventory, we are unable to offer wholesale and/or consignment. We are not sure if we want to enter the retail realm at this point, but if the time does come, we will be sure to put feelers out there to all of our customers to see where people would like to see our goods the most!


3. Will you be consistently adding more colors/leather selections to your collections?

Yes! We are beginning to source our leather from various suppliers that offer ethically sourced and environmentally sound tanning practices - these suppliers typically offer small batches of hides, which means that when we sell out of a certain color, we will most likely switch it out with a new one altogether. We also like this model because it allows us to keep things fresh and new.